Customer Journey Mapping

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A potential customer clicks on your Facebook Ad. What’s next? Customer journey mapping is a real-time customer-centric approach to driving engaged customers, who keep coming back to you while providing methods that improve their overall experience. Customer journey mapping creates holistic opportunities that focus on your customers’ beginning-to-end interactions. In … Read More

The Power of An Email Subject Line

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An email subject line is your first course of action in capturing the recipient’s attention and getting your email opened. Emails with personalized subject lines have a greater likelihood of being opened and increases future success of your email marketing strategy. When thinking about what to put in your subject … Read More

Email and SMS Marketing

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Imagine all the ways you might lose that sale or customer? An abandoned online shopping cart gets pulled away to something else. The lost opportunity of a follow-up appointment or sale because you’re not taking advantage of all avenues marketing has to offer. Not leaving a lasting impression, because you … Read More

What is Omni-Channel Commerce?

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You may or may not have heard about omni-channel, although it is very likely that you have at least noticed it in passing, across your screen. Omni-channel commerce is a seamless and engaging multichannel approach, used by businesses and organizations, to give access to their products, services and offers, on … Read More

The Terrifying Reality Of Hiring Overseas Web Freelancers

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Nowadays it seems to be common knowledge, that hiring freelancers from overseas for your website isn’t such a good idea. But do you know why? Security company Tripwire actually performed a study, selecting 10 seemingly reputable freelancers to build a website with an intent to analyze those websites. Each freelancer … Read More

Enough Is Enough

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It’s Time To Redesign Your Website! For most companies website redesign is a serious challenge – your website has to reflect all the relevant information about your company. It requires to be well written, high in search engines, should work smooth and align well with current brand image. Increase your … Read More

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