You Get What You Pay For

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As a web design professional, I have heard on more than one occasion “That much? My nephew will do the work for $200!” Your website is a first point of contact for potential customers and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. What kind of impression would you like to make? In this case, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true.

So, what do you get with a professional web designer?

Trained Professionals 

The agency you choose will have a team of highly trained individuals that may include: web designers, graphic designers, video and multimedia specialists; all working together to bring a shared vision to life. Unlike the untrained professional, these individuals have been professionally trained in the tools, techniques, trends and ethics of their trade. Professional web designers demonstrate great commitment and dedication to their craft and continue their professional development throughout their career. Continual upgrading ensures that their skills remain current and cutting edge.

Industry Experience 

Pablo Picasso, the famous artist, was enjoying a cup of coffee at a café one afternoon when a passerby approached him and requested a quick sketch on a napkin. Picasso gladly complied, signed his artwork and then requested a tidy sum of money for his drawing. The bewildered admirer exclaimed: “but that took you less than a minute”, to which Picasso responded: “No, that took me forty years.” Web design professionals make it look easy, but they have honed their talents over many years. With years of experience behind them, a professional web designer will analyze the client’s business; offer the best solution to meet the client’s needs, budget and corporate branding strategies; and guide the client through each step of the design process.


A professional web design firm will continue to work with the client long after the website is launched. Ongoing support is a crucial element of the website lifecycle. Imagine a scenario where you pay a contractor to build you a house, but the contractor leaves with the keys and you can’t enter your own home. It can be very costly and time consuming to take control back of a website abandoned by an unreliable developer who has taken the source files and all the information necessary to update and manage the website. Domain names (website address), that corporate identities have been built around at great expense, have also been lost as a result of undependable developers. A professional web design company will build a long lasting relationship with the client built on trust and reliability.

Choosing who to design your website is an important decision that should not be based on cost alone; you are not only choosing a designer, but a long-term partner in a relationship that continues long after the website is launched. Consideration should be given to the qualifications, experience and reliability of your web designer. Professional web designers offer a complete package; combining skill, knowledge and dependability, resulting in an eye-popping website design that will serve you for years to come.

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