The Terrifying Reality Of Hiring Overseas Web Freelancers

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Nowadays it seems to be common knowledge, that hiring freelancers from overseas for your website isn’t such a good idea. But do you know why?

Security company Tripwire actually performed a study, selecting 10 seemingly reputable freelancers to build a website with an intent to analyze those websites. Each freelancer received the same email with same criteria. And during their research, Tripware discovered, that 10 out of 10 websites were plagued with critical security failures, allowing hackers to upload a backdoor, thus getting control over the website’s content and data! While this might not be so critical for little one-page websites, such vulnerability is absolutely not acceptable for website which store any kind on clients’ information, offers e-commerce and/or perform financials operations.

Here are some common downsides of working with freelancers from overseas:

  • Security failures, as the research uncovered;
  • Communication issues: it’s very common to work with freelancers from different time zones, which might mean that they can be unavailable during your business hours to resolve issues and apply changes.
  • Managing difficulties: freelancers may be harder to keep within time and budget.

It takes several professionals to build a performing website: sales aspect, marketing, audience research, content, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and so much more.

As a business owner it is important to be thorough when hiring a contractor to build your website. Ask about credentials and the location of their developers. The truth is that many firms outsource development, which could still leave you vulnerable.

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