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It’s Time To Redesign Your Website!

For most companies website redesign is a serious challenge – your website has to reflect all the relevant information about your company. It requires to be well written, high in search engines, should work smooth and align well with current brand image.

Increase your online sales leads by revamping your website!

Let’s face it, people more often than not turn to online resources when they are looking to make a purchase. Many business owners lose valuable traffic, sales leads and exposure by not setting aside time and resources to complete a website redesign project. When done right a revamped website will bring lots of benefits by capturing your audience when they are ready to buy. Some of those are outlined below:

More visits. Google’s search algorithms rely heavily on content – how good, how relevant, how new it is. Careful and thoughtful reworking of website content will give more people chance to get to know your company through organic search.

More trust. Going to your website and seeing nice, clean, welcoming landing page, which answers customers questions, will likely make them stop their search and choose your services over others.

Greater exposure. Is your website mobile friendly? It’s been several years since mobile websearch outgrown search on computers. Responsive website insures that majority of your visitors (ones on their phones) would benefit just as much as ones using computers.

Sharing. Nothing is more effective than word of mouth – how many times did you go and buy something after friend’s recommendation? Social media integration will help your website benefit from this powerful tool.

Faster speed and higher performance. What can be worse than losing a potential customer just because they were waiting forever for pages to load? Professional redesign can easily eliminate this problem.

Higher revenue. Company’s website is primarily a sales tool. Taking into account all the previous points, a newer, better website will generate more profit by engaging people better.

If any of the above benefits are something your website could use, it may be time for a redesign.

A good company will cooperate with you through each stage of redesign, and work together on creating a better sitemap, better content, better layout and better design. Thinking about it? Discover examples from our portfolio http://vsgroup.ca/Marketing/ or call us at 705-475-0323 for a free consultation about website redesign.

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