Managed Marketing Services

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Marketing is no longer the simple and linear endeavor it once was. With now saturated markets in a digital world, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to effectively navigate the ever-changing mechanisms of effective marketing strategies. Today’s marketing plans must include significantly more touchpoints, including social media channels, websites, … Read More

Customer Journey Mapping

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A potential customer clicks on your Facebook Ad. What’s next? Customer journey mapping is a real-time customer-centric approach to driving engaged customers, who keep coming back to you while providing methods that improve their overall experience. Customer journey mapping creates holistic opportunities that focus on your customers’ beginning-to-end interactions. In … Read More

The Power of An Email Subject Line

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An email subject line is your first course of action in capturing the recipient’s attention and getting your email opened. Emails with personalized subject lines have a greater likelihood of being opened and increases future success of your email marketing strategy. When thinking about what to put in your subject … Read More

Email and SMS Marketing

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Imagine all the ways you might lose that sale or customer? An abandoned online shopping cart gets pulled away to something else. The lost opportunity of a follow-up appointment or sale because you’re not taking advantage of all avenues marketing has to offer. Not leaving a lasting impression, because you … Read More

What Should Your Social Media Content Do?

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Regularly posting and sharing content on your business or organization’s social networks is a great marketing tactic. However, the simple task of regularly posting is not enough to create engagement and generate leads. Have you ever asked yourself what your social media content should be doing? What are the purposes … Read More

Social Media Content

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Social media is an industry of its own, that constantly and quickly evolves. This makes it challenging for businesses, in any sector, to properly manage their social media networks. This includes planning, preparing and scheduling social media content. We frequently ask ourselves the question: ‘How often should I post and … Read More

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