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Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂 and welcome to our website! Here is a little bit of history about VS Marketing…

VS Group has been around for quite some time now, over 20 years. We were founded in North Bay in 1997 by an incredible and brilliant business man, Vincent Shank. Vince started the VS Group because he has a passion for helping businesses succeed. Previously, he spent many years working as an auditor for CRA and experienced first hand the struggles that business owners have in many areas of running there business. Often times businesses are not successful, not because they are not valuable but because business owners might lack knowledge in some areas of operations or because they can only stretch themselves so thin. Let’s face it, its really hard to do things by yourself! What we offer is team to support you, make your business or organization successful and allow you to focus on what you are good at.

It seems that you might be looking for a marketing and design firm that is really good at what they do. Maybe you are starting a new business, shopping around for advertising ideas, pricing things out or browsing our portfolio? How about we let you in on a little secret, no frills or marketing jargon… our clients come to us because they see results in sales, fundraising, awareness campaigns or whatever your goals are.

We have the skills and experience to know what you need and make sure that it works, and we aren’t afraid to show you the numbers.

We really, really believe that if you are successful then so are we. Which is why our motto is “Marketing that works.”

We believe in marketing that works. Simple.

  • Design should be beautiful and serve a purpose!
  • We are obsessively passionate about making sure your marketing is valuable.
  • We learn something new everyday and embrace challenges.
  • We have found a mind-blowing synergy between old and new methods of marketing.

Time to give us a call!

Now that you know a little about us, we would love to invite you to meet us and we can talk about your plans and answer any questions you have about where to get started. No strings attached and we won’t bill you for it like your lawyer (at least not at first lol). Now, quit being so shy and give us a call …or send an email!

For the younger folk who still don’t want to call we also accept a tweet, insta, tag, PM, DM or whatever just swipe right 😉 .

– The Creative Team