Social Media For B2B And B2C

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More and more companies understand the importance of social media, and businesses that don’t have at least one social media page are becoming less common. This is not surprising – social media provides great communication with your clients, helps to get feedback and boosts marketing efforts through consumer generated content … Read More

The Viral Video

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Most people by now are familiar with the term ‘viral video’, but for those who aren’t, a viral video is one that has become popular or famous due to mass-sharing on social media or email. Most of us are familiar with ‘The Star Wars Kid’, which is no surprise as … Read More

The Value Of Graphic Design Professionals

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A recent study by Ottawa based market research firm, Harris/Decima demonstrates the effects of design to the bottom line and the value of graphic design professionals. Harris/Decima together with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) brought decision makers and business leaders together to better understand the industry’s perception … Read More

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