Social Media For B2B And B2C

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More and more companies understand the importance of social media, and businesses that don’t have at least one social media page are becoming less common. This is not surprising – social media provides great communication with your clients, helps to get feedback and boosts marketing efforts through consumer generated content and recommendations.

But there are key differences in how you should approach social media based on your clientele. Main difference depends on whether you are in B2B or B2C sectors. If your customer is another business, then it’s considered to be Business to Business (B2B) sector, and if your customer is the general consumer, then it’s Business to Consumer (B2C).

What are the difference between these 2, and what business owners and marketing managers should know?


  • Examples: Software companies, import/export companies, business consultants, manufacturers
  • Key differences:
    • Longer sales process
    • Decision making may take place at numerous levels
    • Emotions are rarely an influencer
  • Social Media: 66% of marketers find Linkedin to be the most effective B2B marketing channel. But they still use such channels as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube


  • Examples: restaurants, retail stores, entertainment companies (e.g. movie theatres), personal services (e.g. beauty salons).
  • Key differences:
    • Shorter sales process
    • Decision making is simple and often involves just one person
    • Emotions are often an influencer
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest

Social media tools which B2B and B2C use across social media vary – based on approach and strategies, companies tend to use posts, blogs, eblasts, case studies, videos, white papers, infographics, webinars, paid media, press releases and more. It’s not only important to select appropriate media and tool, but also to use them with different tones, complicities and frequencies.

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