The Hybrid-Marketing Department

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Organizing a strong internal administrative team is no easy task, these are the individuals that may run the day-to-day operations of your organization and are responsible for things running smoothly. These are the people who know the projects, know the customers, answer the phone, oversee the admin tasks and often are the ones who are tasked with communications roles. Eighty-five percent of B2B marketers’ increased success in 2017 was attributed to content creation being of higher quality and being produced more efficiently.

The roles of the administrative team and that of the traditional marketing agency are shifting to one of partnership in creating a strong hybrid-marketing department. Trends are proving that this partnership model involving internal teams within companies acting in a support role to the external marketing team are extremely beneficial to both parties. External marketing teams can include highly skilled individuals who act as the marketing department for organizations who may require multi-skilled talent for various tasks but lack the budget or need for full time positions for multiple people or may be located in areas where recruitment for part time labour is an issue.

These partnerships allow for companies to have the support they need in the ever-changing world of communications and marketing through a diverse team of content creators, designers, programmers, advertising specialists, social media experts and rich media creators rather than inefficiently having the administrative team struggle in these roles.

Not all marketing agencies are created equally; you need to seek out the skill set that matches your organizations needs, the experience and the core values that match your brand as well as the references of other companies who are using them. You are bringing in a team to work with your team, treat it like a job interview and make sure they are as concerned about your brands development as you are.

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