Building Up The Tourism Industry

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Many tourism operations have struggled to stay afloat in the past seasons. It’s no surprise there have been overwhelming reports of how vacationing has been less and less of a priority through the recession. So what do we do to build up the interest?

Billions of dollars are spent every year on marketing materials geared towards tourists, but many of the operators in Ontario just don’t have the budgets they’ve had in the past. Many have relied on brochures at the information stands in the area – but what other options are out there? Strategic marketing plans are becoming absolutely critical. We have seen that ‘guerilla style’ marketing like this is just not feasible anymore. However, with the use of online tools, and things like on demand printing, communications plans have proven to be a much more reliable way to promote your business.

Here are some facts about the tourism industry in our area:

  1. Northern Ontario sees more tourists than all of our neighboring provinces and states put together, most actually coming from Ontario itself.
  2. Very few people travel anymore without doing research on the area they wish to go to – most times online.
  3. The increase in Baby Boomers retiring and having the perfect combination of spare money, spare time and the dire need of a vacation.

Statistics show that there are more tourists now than there may have ever been, not to mention that they have more money to spend. What tourism operators need to do is develop strategic marketing plans (communications plans), redirect marketing budgets and cash-in on the niche markets. Embracing the change is going to be the way to be on top of the tourism industry and build up from the slow economic period.

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