Want us to grab a bucket?

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As the coronavirus rapidly disrupts our day to day life it is our job as marketers to frequently reassess and swiftly implement strategies. This is our norm.

Spring is a critical time for marketing. We are ending the first quarter of a new year, wrapping up the year end for many public sector and NPO and it marks the biggest change in seasonal commerce.
For many of our businesses, the projections for 2020 were stellar. This was going to be a home run year. Then suddenly we all hit this brick wall and COVID-19 took every plan and well orchestrated detail and tore it up into teeny, tiny little pieces. Overnight businesses shifted to remote workspaces with limited resources and which left many with the question, what am I supposed to do now?
As a leader, this is the when you need to make a decision. The first decision, who do you want to have on your ship? The one who's going to grab a bucket should things look dismal …or the one who leaves you stranded?

It’s okay we’ve got this!

Being a top performing, trusted, digital marketing firm, e-commerce, video and working the sales funnel is our jam. It means we are agile, responsive and we work quickly under pressure with tools and strategies that are always changing. We listen to our audience and we respond – it’s part of our process. Its training we do everyday to ensure our team and our clients succeed.
After 20 years in business, we have had the pleasure of spending more than a decade with many of our clients. These clients are going to be okay. They will be okay because we have fostered a culture of agility within their team and their business model.
While others are figuring out what to do, we are doing it. And here is what you need to do right now:
  1. Focus on post-pandemic
  2. Embrace technology
  3. Evolve your messaging
  4. Shift your customer service
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate
Your success greatly depends on your ability to be responsive, now more than ever. What choices are you going to make to day that will save your business?
We are here and ready to grab that bucket. Give us call, send an email or message us anytime.
If you would like to learn more, ask us for a free consultation with one of our marketing professionals email us at marketing@vsgroup.ca

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