Tapping Into The International Market

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Breaking into the international market can be a challenge for any company, but throw in local government unrest, serious infrastructural challenges and abject poverty and you really have a challenge.

For one Tour and Safaris company in Nairobi Kenya, the key to breaking into this market was having a Canadian partner who listened and understood their challenges. VS Group’s Marketing division has been working with Perfect Wilderness Tours and Safari operating out of Nairobi, Kenya for the last few years and have helped them build an online presence, allowing them to break the local marketing barriers and tap into an international market seeking their services.

VS Group Marketing used online tools such as tripadvisor® and various social media channels to promote PWTS’s custom website which has allowed them to provide visitors the ability to book their online excursions and tap into an international target market not easily accessible to them in the past. Allowing online bookings using PayPal® has provided them the means to accept international currency despite local banking infrastructural challenges and provides peace of mind to clients when booking tours.

The client’s dedication to their company and VS Group’s dedication to their marketing efforts has resulted in a #9 ranking on tripadvisor® out of 116 tour and safaris companies in Nairobi and an expansion of their operations to meet demand. Finding the right online channels for your company can not only increase your brand reach but increase your bottom line.

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