B2B Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is often a black hole of information for those not entirely familiar with the technology and the complexity of the audience structure. Companies who have remained committed to digital marketing are now seeing proof of their efforts resulting in increased visibility of their brands and in direct sales.

Digital marketing has significantly less cost than paid media or direct mail and for companies that have invested in a proper plan and are sticking to a continued contribution to their marketing are spending much less to get their brands in front of target customers.

It’s not too late for those just getting in the game however, digital marketing is extremely diverse and exciting and companies can engage their audience on so many different levels, on different platforms and formats there really are no boundaries for a brand.

Data is still the driving force behind the success of a brands digital marketing however. Proper research before launching into the digital realm is crucial, and we are not just talking about launching a website and a social media page. Have you ever wondered why after searching something on a website like Home Depot for example, you start seeing ads for Home Depot on various other sites you visit, including your own social media channels? These companies are taking advantage of Re-marketing tactics to identify prospects that have visited their site and then use that data to push ads back to them on selected networks.

B2B marketers in the past have put their energy and budgets into finding, attracting and selling to a customer. Not to say this is not extremely important but the customer journey is one small piece, the post sale is where the power really lies in terms of digital marketing.

Using the power of digital marketing, these customers can become not only loyal repeat customers but brand champions who are passionate about advocating for the companies they like, using social media channels to spread the word rapidly about your brand and creating positive conversations.

Because there is never just one piece in a puzzle, our approach is to combine “digital marketing”, “digital strategies”, “traditional marketing” into one integrated approach. They don’t often have to be big pieces of the digital approach that companies bite off but they do need to be integrated with other marketing and thought out.

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