Branding Around Us

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Branding is not something we normally stop to think about, but if we did we would realize that it is in everything that surrounds us, day by day.

If you look at your house, everything has a brand. For example most of the foods in your refrigerator, the refrigerator itself has a brand and the supermarket where you bought those products has its own brand. If you go outside, you’ll see even more brands: signage, vehicle wraps, bus advertisements, t-shirts, hats… Unless you made it yourself everything we come in contact is associated with a brand.

Branding for your business.

If you are struggling with brand research or trying to determine what makes your customers buy or not buy your product, do a quick experiment. Look around your house and write down the items that you purchase most frequently (personal hygiene products, food, clothing etc.). Then write down why you purchase them beside each product.

With a lot of things you will find that your family and friends heavily dictate your purchasing decisions. For example, you may purchase Colgate toothpaste on a regular basis without even realizing that you are only purchasing it out of habit and lack of interest to review and select one of the many other brands available.

Take this approach in trying to undertand why your customers are buying or not buying your product. Is there just too much competition for them to make the effort to switch? And if so, make it simple for them, point out the important benefits of your products. Make those point obvious and make them stand out. People will generally choose the path of least resistance when it comes to brands, make that be yours.

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