Videos And Animated Content Is Exploding On Social Media

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Most of the graphical content on social media is still images. We are used to them, and our attention to still images may be reduced when we scroll down Facebook or Instagram.

On the other hand, GIFs and videos are set up by default to start playing right away as you scroll past them. This gives an extra attention boost, as in few seconds you look at a post with animated content, you are being provided more frames and more information comparing to still images.

If you want to grab more attention on social media, consider creating fast-paced and informative animations. Social media can be beneficial to a business – take advantage of what is trending today and deliver information and data more effectively through videos, animations or GIFs, generating more interactive and engaging content for users.

Think about animated content for your business next time you are cruising through your personal social media channels and your first reactions to content. And if you need help creating GIFs and videos – VS Marketing specialists are here to help.

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