Interactive Content Sells

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Whether it’s a quiz or post, marketing giants like Buzz Feed have shown time and again that interactive content can lead to longer time spent on a webpage and lead to engaging the consumer in more than one article.

Social media users are growing everyday, as a result it’s no surprise why many companies decide to advertise on a mobile platform first. This new way of modern advertising can be engaging and addictive in some hands, the “Quiz” or “Trivia” that has been making rounds on Facebook allows you to simply take a quiz and at the end of the 10 or so questions determines what your outcome is, whether this be a themed trivia on your favourite show or where you should vacation in 2017.

It is in some ways a marketing mousetrap, in a good way. For companies to grow they need people to find what they do appealing and in turn continue to support them, most people refer to it as ROI or Return on Investment. For a lot of companies they solely focus on views or clicks to measure success. Instead of this companies should measure their ROI on things like sign-ups, downloads and purchases. Having these interactive forms of content means users will more than likely find what you produce to be appealing and in turn decide to sign-up, follow or download future content.

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