Not So New Era Of Online Marketing

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One of the disciplines that knows how to evolve to the rhythm of society is marketing.

It is called new marketing but it really is a reinvention of this and its enormous capacity for adaptation in the face of a new economic and social technological environment.

The consolidation of the internet even over the last year, has introduced us to “new” concepts in Social media, digital marketing, community management, viral engagement and content marketing among others.

Although we are already in the new era it is important to understand what we are going through is something interesting. As the online community evolves daily almost hourly we are all just trying to stay abreast of the technology and the way in which to communicate with that technology.

Some of the largest past retailers like Sears, Target and Toys “R” Us are finding out how important is it to fully understand and adapt to online competition, some have found out too late. The key in keeping current is keeping informed with what is relative to your industry and your clients, it’s not about being knowledgeable about all technology, just the ones that are important to you!

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