Design Trends 2017

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To reflect on 2017, we’ve collected our favourite design trends from the year!

Colour Transitions

Settle gradients started getting popular back in 2016, when Instagram rebranded themselves with an orange-to-purple-through-fuchsia colour transition. Ever since this catchy trend spread, and now you can observe it in graphical elements across many brands, from Apple to VS Marketing (hyperlink to our facebook).

Geometrical Forms And Patterns

Clever ways of playing with geometric shapes and forms, both to create patterns and to embed those forms into existing brand elements. We really enjoy this sophisticated trend, and how fitting it is for social media.

Gifs And Videos

Even though GIFs and videos aren’t a new technology, only lately have they seen a great rise in popularity, and many brands started using them to deliver their messages across social media platforms and even as a part of their own branding. Part of the reason why it gained popularity is Facebook starting to support motion graphics in its newsfeed, so now not only movie companies have media to support their motion graphics. In addition, technology is becoming more and more affordable.


Photography is one of the most popular graphic material, used in print, web and other marketing media. So we think that branding your photography is a part of graphic design – this way photos work with brand’s other elements, and brand could be recognized just by the looks on a photo. Using duotone got a huge boost in its popularity when Spotify used it for its branding, and ever since more and more brands are jumping on this trend. We like this trend, and think that it’s a clever and handy way to incorporate your brand colours onto any photo.

Social Media Influence

With brands adapting to playful social media, another interesting design trend started happening – more and more companies are starting to lay out their graphics in the way users would decorate their personal photos – with stickers and various emoji. Using tools like Snapchat in your graphic design is definitely fun!

Bold And Brings Colours, Bold And Big Text

Last but not the least. We’ve been seeing this trend happening for last few years, but it keeps getting more popular. And designs of 2017 were bigger and brighter than ever.

We enjoyed the design trends of 2017, but can’t wait to see which trends will gain popularity and get creative usage in 2018.

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