Blue Seal Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in Rutherglen, Ontario east of North Bay, Ontario. Vincent Shank was born and raised on a farm and in 2000 he purchased the farm from his father as part of the family succession plan. The farm boasts over 100 head of cattle, 100 ewes and cultivates over 850 acres.

Over the past 5 years the farm has grown to a point that it requires the support of full-time staff. It is extremely important in farming and agriculture to find employees who have a passion for farming. As part of recruitment efforts to attract and retain the right staff, a video was produced to showcase the farm lifestyle. The positions available at the farm are unique in that they include housing, amenities and wages.

The video was produced by cinematographers using the latest in technology and various techniques to communicate the story of the farm and the Shank family. Drones were used to capture the vast size of the farm land and add to the impact on the audience. It was important to communicate the lifestyle of farming, family values and the innovative approach of Blue Seal Farm in order to attract candidate who share those values and love of farming.




  • Video Production
  • Cinematography