FNTI is an Indigenous-owned and governed post-secondary institute with 35 years of rich history delivering programming rooted in culture and Indigenous ways of knowing. Fully aware of the oppression that the Indigenous Community are facing, they are dedicated to cultivating an open, safe, and inclusive place to learn through education. 

Our deliverables for FNTI include Brand Refresh, Brand Standards and Communication Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Graphic Design Services, and Digital Advertising Campaigns.


Featured Campaign:
Culturally-rich, Indigenous Recruitment

VS Marketing sat down with the firm to understand the culture before promoting the campaign. Everything from the music in the background, visuals, graphics, and words are all symbolic because they have a specific meaning behind them. It was very important for them to work with a company who did not only deliver a quality product and got them results, but to ensure the marketing communications preserved the cultural language with the look and feel behind it. 

Due to the nature of vulnerability, we implemented what’s called a low barrier engagement to target niche in a specific area. FNTI works with three different areas: First Nations across Ontario and First Nations, Métis & Inuit across Canada. We needed to re-strategize the sales approach from a direct sale to a softer conversation. Based on our research, the ads included a set of FAQ’s where we compiled into the most common questions that need to be asked to inspire them to take the next steps. For example, how much does the programs cost, when is the next program running, is there funding available, am I eligible to apply etc… The questions that were asked created a friendly invitation to open the door in an easy click of a button for quick accessibility and to spark a conversation. 

■ The Challenge

There were challenges faced such as, recruiting during COVID, targeting Indigenous communities in Ontario (including those with remote access) and recruiting for virtual learning programs that were once in-class.

■ The Scope

The marketing campaign involved promotion of 4 programs, optimizing brand awareness and reach over a 12–14-week period using Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook channels. 

■ The Results

  • The campaign resulted in 30+ program inquires per day!
  • Daily averages of 4,710 ad views, 860 new people and 30 new inquiries, lead to the client extending the contract 9 weeks in to the campaign by an additional 6 weeks due to campaign success.
  • YouTube video ad accumulated 32,124 views.


Featured Highlights: 

  • Low barrier engagement strategy to effectively communicate with a softer approach to create sales; 
  • Results during economic challenges: COVID shifted from in-person learning to online; 
  • Digital communication for Indigenous Culture was done with both effective strategy and respectfully to reflect their culture way of being and living; 
  • Daily averages of 4,710 ad views, 860 new people and 30 new inquiries; 
  • Client extending the contract 9 weeks into the campaign by additional weeks due to campaign success. 
  • Recruitment Campaign
  • Brand Standards Manual
  • Tactical Social Media