The Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI) sought a brand strategy that aligned with their core values and mission. The project goals and objectives revolved around repositioning their brand to better reflect their identity and engage their target audience effectively.

The primary goals were to create a welcoming, transparent, and trustworthy brand that engaged its audience openly. The brand was to exude energy, curiosity, and passion, reflecting the dynamic nature of post-secondary education and fostering a sense of belonging. Inclusivity was crucial, aiming to make every individual feel supported, valued, and heard while celebrating diversity and simplifying the student journey. Additionally, the brand was to emphasize a sense of community, promoting social connections, kindness, and an empowering environment where everyone felt a sense of togetherness and belonging.

The brand was to be repositioned with a theme of "support and empower students." This involved helping students in their educational journey, providing resources, and ensuring a positive experience. The goal was to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere described as a "home for students.”



The project concluded with a design solution that surpassed its objectives, introducing a revamped brand mark that celebrates diversity with vibrant colours and exudes excitement through lively and playful shapes.

The final deliverables included a comprehensive digital assets package, featuring a variety of resources such as the new logomark in multiple variations for diverse media applications, preferred domain name styling, carefully curated fonts, logomark icons, an extensive icon set, sub-brands, textured pattern backgrounds, and meticulously crafted templates for stationery, posters, and social media graphics.

A robust brand standards guide was also provided, offering precise instructions for logomark asset usage and encapsulating the brand's positioning and narrative.

The design not only met but exceeded the project's objectives, providing a visually engaging and strategically effective identity for the Centennial College Student Association. The client eagerly embraced the brand assets and swiftly implemented the brand strategy across various platforms, capturing the excitement and attention of their audience on social media and seamlessly integrating the new identity into their website.

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