Our deliverables for SOYF include: Key Message development, Focus Groups, Communication Plan, Website Development, Facebook Set-up, Social Media content and online advertising campaign



Featured Campaign:
Stay On Your Feet

The Stay On Your Feet (SOYF) Campaign is designed to tackle fall prevention among seniors in our community by keeping them active and healthy.

Our primary audience includes those between the ages of 65 – 84, with priority placed on those who have been deemed at risk. Losing independence can often be isolating and accelerated due to embarrassment and feeling a ‘loss of control’. It is important to understand the targeted audience may be very sensitive to their loss of ability.

Older adults will be more likely to engage with falls prevention interventions if they are presented in a manner that fits with a positive self-identity and emphasizes the positive benefits in a socially supportive environment. Our key messages serve to empower older adults in our community and build confidence so they will regularly use SOYF as a resource.

■ Delivery

Communicating through people that seniors trust and pay attention to (they are sometimes referred to as “key informants”)

– Social Media – Facebook

  • 68% of 50–64 year olds use Facebook
  • 46% of 65+ year olds use Facebook

– Website – resources hub

– Printed materials (a functional tool they can utilize not just read)

– Increased remarketing on educational and informational content


■ Results

  • Facebook Followers +31%
  • Facebook Engagement +352%
  • Website New Users +210%


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