When North Bay’s local toy store – established since 1988 – Creative Learning approached us to refresh its website and launch a full e-commerce system, we happily jumped on the opportunity! A change in ownership often comes with new ideas, hence why it was natural for us to move forward with the new owner’s marketing plan. We are very proud of our long-term and trusted relationship with this established business.

The new online shop integrates seamlessly with the in-store inventory and Point of Sale System (POS). The website inventory is controlled by the POS meaning that when items are purchased in store or online, the inventory is automatically updated in real time. When there are new items to add into the inventory, they are manually entered by the owner then the POS takes care of the rest.

In addition, the website moderates shoppers’ behaviours and products are dynamically updated and shuffled around to showcase the best sellers, featured and on sale items, and more. The store can now sell and ship anywhere in Canada with a shipping tool that dynamically pulls out various shipping options available in real time to the customer. While the purchase is being made the shipping labels are created at the same time. All there is left to do for the store clerks is to print the label and pack the order, or schedule a pick up.

Let’s not forget the wish list feature! It is a great and fun tool to use for children and their family. Kids can shop on the website and select their favourite toys to put on their wish list. They can even send it by email to their grandmother, who can complete the purchase online from the wish list.

  • Website Re-design
  • Inventory Controlled POS System
  • Integrated Wishlists