Bring It On! started as an idea for a small community events calendar and has grown to a quarter of a million dollar platform that has garnered the global interest of over 319,000 users accessing the site in only the second year since launching. Being tasked with everything from branding to strategic direction for a platform of this scale meant that our team was essentially developing something to compete with silicon valley platforms.

Our team has created all elements for the brand in-house including brand development, programming and business development for this extremely complex platform that allows users to create events, sell tickets and manage their events through our self-serve platform. Users can find events based on their geographic location, their interests or other filters like date or price range. Along with developing the platform we also created revenue streams to allow the platform to sustain itself as well as being the social media voice of Tangr. We continue to be the engine behind this tremendous brand, bringing it to more audiences on a daily basis and attracting world wide attention.

  • Branding
  • Custom Web Application
  • U/I Design
  • Graphic Design