PotashWorks 2018 (article page 106)

When you present your product to the marketplace its all about positioning. Who is your market, what are their needs and why is your product going to improve their life?

“Put yourself in the boots of a miner: You’re several feet or meters underground operating a drill in a confined space. As the compressed air and rock drill is exhausted, the use of conventional RDO’s creates a fog or mist within your workspace. Reduced visibility and the impact on ventilation, amongst other factors, create clear health and safety concerns.

A great product is born from the recognition of fundamental problems, the ability to look deeper into those problems, and find a successful way to solve them. Rock drill lubricants used for pneumatically driven tools are traditionally conventional RDO’s. The lubricant is expelled into the workspace, having a direct impact on health and safety, as well as causing downtime for equipment maintenance (air motors). Pneuma-Tool was created to address these insufficiencies.”

Pneuma-tool and Keemace had a tremendous opportunity to publish their products in the 2018 PotashWorks magazine through an advertorial. An advertorial is an excellent way to boost the impact of an ad by offering further information that can make your product shine. This highly respected industry specific magazine was the perfect placement!



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