About Us

Our history:

Vincent Shank founded VS Group in 1997, with the objective to help managers and entrepreneurs run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. Our clients are support by a team of experts in areas that are imperative to a businesses success, management consulting, accounting, marketing and technology. We know that not all entrepreneurs are experts in these areas and are better at focusing on what they do best. We know because we have listened to the needs of our clients and developed a team to meet their needs. VS Group employs a proactive approach to business, technology and marketing communications by utilizing a collaborative approach.


Our culture:

We are servicing an ever-evolving digital market place, diverse and forward thinking, respectful and collaborative. Our team digs deep to successfully navigate the intricate environment of marketing; we are driven by data and creativity.


We look for ways to stand out and be effective. As a marketing agency and design firm we offer plans that we know will be successful and execute them with excellent design. Our team is well rounded with decades of experience combined with training in the latest technology and trend tracking to create a sweet spot that offers incredible outcomes. Just ask our clients. We have reduced budgets (not that the boss likes it!), increased results and had a little fun along the way.


When it comes to marketing, we don’t follow the usual path we look for the smartest. And let’s face it today’s brands need to be more then a well executed set of designs it needs to be compelling, you need to tell a story and create movement in people. Your audience should not only remember your brand but engage with it and become part of it. Our goal is to empower brands and audiences alike.